What's the secret

Wouldn't it be amazing to find the secret to how to make everything turn out right?

Is there an ingredient or is it luck?

Sometimes it feels like the only thing left to do is to do nothing but I tend to keep trying no matter what until I'm spent. It would be so much easier if I just had the secret.

Why is that everything is such a secret? None of us come into the world with the answers.

It's always a search for the magical key that will unlock all the secrets.

Everyday it's another hunt for solutions but there are still so many new secrets to solve.

I'll just take a deep breath and live for another day where all the uncertainties lie ahead.

Sometimes I think maybe I'm overly interested in finding answers than the average person is.

I see just a hint of blue sky today and that is hope and so I can rely on that color of blue to inspire me to keep searching for the secrets.

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