Only you should hear this - shhhhhhhh

I'm whispering ever so quietly in your ear

I've discovered some very important things in my life that I'd like to share

I've found that if you wait just 24 hours

Things will turn around

If you listen attentively you'll actually hear something

I've been trying to say some things

but you are not listening

I feel like I have to get right in your ear for you to hear

I have to enunciate every word

and speak slowly and deliberately.

There is a secret to being happy

it's called discipline

and there you go again chasing gratification first.

Don't you want satisfaction?

How many mistakes are you going to keep making?

Don't hold grudges for so long

keep your eye on the prize

strive to be the best

don't discard things so easily.

Stop tossing the gold nugget you just found like it's an agate.

Start to value every lesson and come out the other side.

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