Flip Flopping

I'm worn out lately from all the flip flopping going on. What I really need is certainty which is one of the human needs. But certainty that has the vibration of love in it so that it lasts and doesn't have the vibration of control.

That's my favorite phrase as everything works out so much better when it comes from a place of love first. I like the things I can count on like waves always lapping at the shore, dogs chasing cats, birds in the trees, steadfast things that say every thing will be okay.

But sometimes nothing is okay and sometimes it seems like it goes on forever and you wonder if the time will come when things are finally okay. It's that conflict that makes life interesting and keeps things alive. Without it there's no stories to tell or opportunities to grow. Life isn't meant to be easy and if you're not experiencing strife then you are running away from your problems.

So I guess I'll put up with all the flip flopping going on for now and appreciate the moments that are sweet instead of focusing on the bruises.

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