The same layer of clouds is covering us all each day and the sky belongs to each of us. I look up and I see the same heavens that you or anyone else sees. My skies are looking down on me whether I'm having a good day or the worst day of my life. The clouds see everything down below as they glide across giving no reaction.

Every day I look towards the clouds taking in the view but not really appreciating how special they are. Some days the skies are angry and dark and very busy but they continue to hover over all of us as we go about our daily lives. We're down here and they're up above, except when they drop down to earth as fog and mingle with us temporarily.

Maybe we should be more like the clouds keeping our distance while always being present. Maybe we'd see much more if we took a view of things from above. Maybe that's the best way to get perspective. Because getting perspective is often one of the hardest things to do. I get in the way of common sense all the time. I trip myself up while I stumble over every imaginable thought that I allow to get in my way.

Eventually the clouds finally stop being passive and the precipitation comes pouring down on us not caring how it impacts us. We have to protect ourselves from the downpours. The earth welcomes the rain and the plants thrive with it as we collectively stay inside. But the skies eventually clear up and sometimes the clouds disappear and there is just a universe above us.

Each day it's destiny that we will have a relationship with the clouds whether we know it or not. They are a constant in our lives and play a huge role in each of our lives. Maybe we should take inspiration from the clouds and skies for their ability to be near us without meddling and silently overlooking our transgressions.

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