We All Knew What We Were Doing

Even though we know what we're doing most of the time it's also important to take responsibility for actions and decisions we make. It's easy to blame others and point fingers or even blame ourselves for everything. Each of us has to look at our role as to why we are where we are and gain some understanding and knowledge in order to be honest and grow.

Taking a look at ourselves takes discipline and is the step most of us overlook.

I remember a time in my life where my boundaries were so limited that I never stepped outside of my comfort zone. I didn't even know that it was an option and never spent any time imagining what it would be like because I didn't actually know what existed beyond my security. I look back at myself then and I'm thankful now for all the things that happened that led to my stepping out into the rest of the world.

After my divorce my older son received honors to attend an event where he was being recognized for his high aptitude and it was being held in Vallejo at least a 100 miles from where we lived. I was in terror about making a trip with my 3 kids to an unknown town alone and without any previous experience managing a trip like this. I was determined to make the drive and so I reserved a hotel and this was before cell phones and it was me alone out there in the world heading to an unknown destination. I never doubted I could do it but it was sheer terror doing it alone. I remember getting to the motel finally and taking a sedative just so I could calm down. The event was held at Marine World and the kids had a great time and I met all the timelines while feeling more confident with every step of that trip. While we were down that far I even ventured to drive down to San Francisco and managed to cross the bridge that exited off into the heart of the city and winding my way around I eventually found a bridge that put me back on the road heading north back to Vallejo. To this day I don't know how I managed to make my way back and it had to be divine intervention.

That was where my confidence began to grow and I knew after making that trip that I could do anything I set my mind to and enjoy new experiences as a result. It would have been easy to stay home and not take a risk but that would have been selfish and set a poor example for my kids. I had to look inside of me and take responsibility for the direction my life would take.

You can take that look as well and make choices for your future by beginning to understand which of the Human Needs are most important to you and how they affect the direction your lives will go.

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