Why do you Roll your Eye's

I don’t know about you but when someone rolls their eyes at me I feel disrespected and those eyes speak volumes. Silently shoving your words right down your throat.

If you are the person always rolling your eyes then there is a lack of restraint on your part to control your feelings. It’s a lack of discipline, which allows you to pass on your negative thoughts through that motion.

To understand why someone would have this behavior it’s important to try to understand which need they are trying to meet. Perhaps they are trying to feel respected and important by doing this but life is about love and not significance and it’s better to love first and then the need for significance is softened by love and there’s no need to roll those eyes.

Recently I went to the Grand Coulee Dam in Washington and my brother took me on a tour of the country around it. We drove to an area called the Dry Dam, which is now a remnant of what was once the largest waterfall known to have existed on earth. It’s a huge circle of cliffs that drop 400 feet down below to an empty basin that is 3.5 miles around. It’s easy to imagine the time when a force of water poured down over the cliffs crashing to the land below. But now it is just a cavern out in the middle of nowhere. I walked out on an outlook that was built for people to have an unobstructed view. I was alone out on the precipice in mid air over this vast hole and in that moment I felt so insecure. What if it gave away and I would have gone flying down into that giant opening 400 feet below. Instantly I wanted to be back on solid ground and I practically ran to get back to land.

We all need to be on solid ground and feel safe and after taking in something like that it impresses on me how good it is to be secure.

Little things like rolling your eyes at me can give me that same insecure feeling that I felt alone out on the edge of that cliff where my world could drop down away from me.

The lesson to learn is to not put significance above love and to choose to love first.

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